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Turren – Tüfengrat – Schönbüel – Breitenfeld – Turren

At the Turren mountain station, you hike past the Finsterbüel on the winter hiking path towards Schönbüel on the Alpsträsschen south.You leave this at Chuematt to strive for the Tüfengrat via the Üsseri Alp. At the deepest ridge there is a wonderful view of Lake Brienz and the Bernese Alps.Now it goes northwards and then gently sweeps up to the Berghaus Schönbüel. The descent is via Breitenfeld back to Turren.The tour is signposted and marked in the area. If you follow the route shown on the map, you will move outside normal areas subject to avalanches, in normal snow conditions, and will not touch any game rest areas or game reserves.On this classic, medium-sized snowshoe tour, you can enjoy a breathtaking view and beautiful snow landscape above the sea of fog.A marked snowshoe trail starts from Turren and leads you to Schönbüel. The route can also be found on SwitzerlandMobility Route 799.

Alternative route Turren-Breitenfeld-Schönbüel direct

Destination Berghuis Schönbüel. The shorter variant and a good alternative in difficult weather conditions. If the avalanche warning level is high, the route is the safe way to get to the Berghuis.

From Turren you follow the prepared winter hiking trail to Breitenfeld. Continue past the "Maria zum Schnee" chapel and the snow-covered alpine huts. The path becomes steeper and the pink wooden poles point the way to Schönbüel.

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snowshoes and Ski pole can be rented from “Bürki Sport” right next to the valley station.


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